Sunday, March 29, 2009

Four Seasons Headpiece Wreaths

My talented friend Sarah Skinner (, seems to always be cross-inspiring me. As she was developing her unique and beautiful style of baby bump photography, she asked me to create four headpiece wreaths inspired by the four seasons for use in her photo shoots. I love living in the Northeast, experiencing all four seasons, so this was a task I was eager to undertake.

Some of my favorite memories of Winter is when the trees become encased in ice and create a magical crystal wonderland. I did not want to create a "Christmas" or evergreen wreath. I wanted something icy blue and sparkling.

Spring made me think of the cherry trees flowering, the roses budding, and the daisies showing their lovely heads for the first time. My mother's house had many flowerbeds. I used to get up early in the morning and walk the property before leaving for the day. The dew would be glistening on the petals. I wanted to recreate that feeling.

Summer reminds me of rich, bright colors, and of the excitement of seeing the tiger lilies rear their heads. Any child that has planted sunflower seeds has their patience rewarded with huge medallions of yellow at summer's end. It was also the Season my daughter was born, so I was inspired to make a matching child's wreath as well. The Mother/daughter set look lovely together.

Fall of course in the Northeast is a celebration of color - one last party before the winter rest. My favorites are the maple and oak leaves. So much joyous color, one last hurrah before falling to the earth to become next year's fertilizer. To me, Fall was never a depressing reminder of Summer's end, but a beautiful reminder of the whole cycle of life.

Here are the results of my musings:




baby Summer


Monday, March 2, 2009

a New Crop

First of all, thanks for the many messages of concern and love I received from my last post. I am blessed so many would reach out to me.

I was looking in the mirror a few weeks ago and I noticed something very funny looking...........two "puffs" of fluff at my temples, and what looked like very short bangs. Upon closer inspection, I discovered YAY!!!!!!!!!!! My hair IS growing back in! Oh it looks so very funny, I have an awful cowlick at one temple and I have to use a ton of product to keep the "bangsies" down.

Overall, it's been a fruitful few weeks. I dyed some really beautiful color combinations on some veils, skirts and fan veils. I did not have the time or energy to work on my more elaborate or "art" pieces, but really some beautiful ombres. I can't wait to photograph and post the new work. I got two good sized troupe orders and I am preparing for the upcoming Spring vending schedule.

I'm still struggling with the time management issue, but really happy with the new work and what I have accomplished so far. Whoop - ! Back to work to my first full time job, my 8 month old "boss" is calling me!!