Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where have I been?

In the time between my last REAL post (almost three and a half years) I have been on an amazing journey. I never stopped dyeing, selling and experimenting with silks, but my infant daughter became my life. My husband and I decided together to do everything we could to keep me home and her out of daycare, and at her recent 4 year well checkup, my daughter has overcome and surpassed any evidence of being born premature. She is healthy, taller than average, and well advanced developmentally for her age. I kept my business scaled down, gave up quite a bit of the time I used to dance, and had to adjust to the fact that I couldn't keep a "perfect" house like I wanted to.That being said, I never prescribed myself solely to the role of wife, mother and homemaker. My family was my first priority and I did sacrifice a great deal, but I was constantly working. 

I collaborated with many creative and talented people. I danced as a soloist, in three troupes, was the dance captain for one of these prestigious troupes and was in many fabulous shows. I grew as a person, and an artist. I was pushed to create more unique and creative dance silks. My business grew year by year. Although I kept it part time and it was not the primary income for our family, my husband and I never considered it a "side business" for extra cash, but an investment in the developing of my business which would allow us time for the most important investment of our lives - our daughter. We sacrificed quite a bit for our choice. Now that she is a little older and in preschool, I will be focusing more on Silkdancer and growing the business. I'll be telling the stories of the past four years, sharing my insights and educating my customers on the many marvels of silk and color. 

Talk to you soon! In the meantime - Happy Dancing!

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